Unlock a new way to invest

Historically, only banks and institutional investors have been able to make money by investing in business and consumer credit. XPS LTD now opens this asset class to private investors and makes it accessible to everyone – no matter if you're an experienced investor or just starting.

XPS LTD was founded in 2008 and has since become the largest marketplace of its kind

On our global marketplace, you can invest in loans, manage your risk with various tools, and earn attractive returns. Take a step towards financial freedom with this investment opportunity that 400 344 investors around the globe are already loving.

  • $ 6 352 829 707 invested in loans
  • 400 344 investors from 62 countries
  • 23 206 113 Loans funded

How loans come to XPS LTD

XPS LTD is unique in the way that we do not issue loans – they are brought to the platform by our partner lending companies from around the world.

Lending companies provide alternative financing to individuals and small businesses. We check that the companies we work with have a strong track record in loan origination, professional risk management, and a solid financial standing.

To help fund the loans they issue, lending companies make them available to investors on XPS LTD.
64 lending companies from 33 countries place loans on XPS LTD

Investing in loans

On XPS LTD, investing starts from 25$ per loan, or the equivalent in the other 6+ currencies we support. That means everyone can be an investor. And it’s really easy to create a diversified portfolio to protect your investment and earn more stable returns. Get started in no time with automated investing options, or hand pick loans of your choice.
Since 2008, investors have earned 408% net return per year on average.

Get steady returns

Borrowers pay back loans in regular installments plus interest. You can always see when the next payment is scheduled.
Since XPS LTD was founded, investors have earned $ 144 261 017 from interest.

Accelerate your returns

Many investors choose to reinvest their returns so their money can keep working. Given enough time, earnings can grow exponentially thanks to the power of compound interest.
84% of investors continue investing with XPS LTD after one year